Entry Level Training Multi Crew Cooperation Jet Orientation Course


The course duration is 14 working days. The course syllabus includes;

Ground Phase

  • Aircraft Systems
  • Performance
  • Jet Handling
  • Jet Aerodynamics
  • Crew Cooperation
  • Standard Operating Procedures

Simulator Phase

  • Flying modern Turbo-jet aeroplanes
  • Flying in the right seat
  • Multi Crew Cooperation

Entry Requirement

  • Fluency in English ICAO level 4 or higher. A minimum of Credit pass for English in London O/L or equivalent qualification on State examination is mandatory.
  • A frozen CAASL ATPL and a Valid CPL , IR with a Multiengine rating or an appropriately validated Foreign License and 200 hours flying including:
    • 80 hours as PIC in aero planes
    • 25 hours on Multiengine Aircraft. (This could be reduced to 15 hours if at least 10 hours completed in a simulator).

In addition to above the following requirements shall be full filled before commencement of training.

    • Minimum of 18 years age
    • A current medical certificate
    • Actual log books
    • Originals of all supportive documents