Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at SLAC

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at SLAC

SLAC, as the pioneer of aviation institutions, is currently involved in spreading awareness about aviation among the youth of the country. The sole intention of the CSR arm of the institution, is to develop the existing knowledge and skills further, to meet the international standards required by the industry. Since the Aviation industry is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world, SLAC has given top priority to energize and develop the subsequent generations of Sri Lankans to form a positive prospect of the industry, and find the scope within which, their personalities could be recognized in addition to offering glamorous careers.

SLAC has been involved in the following initiatives

  1. Establishing Aviation Clubs in Schools – The organization has successfully supported many schools in the country to enter in to the industry, by establishing Aviation Clubs and providing intellectual support to start and carry-out their activities.
  2. Conducting Training Programs for the youth; SLAC has conducted many important programs for the benefit of school students; to upgrade their knowledge in aviation. Familiarization programs at the airline center, Fundamental Programs for selected schools, Career Guidance workshops are few among many. Apart from the Knowledge development, the organization has been actively involved in developing the personalities and the professional image of school students by organizing special workshops on Leadership, Team Building, and Career Mapping etc.
  1. Special Aviation Related Events SLAC has held a few events such as Aviation Quiz Competitions, Career Days, participating at different education fairs etc. to improve enthusiasm and involvement of school students with the industry


What we recognize as the focus of our CSR is, popularizing aviation among the next generation and effectively supporting the country to narrow the gap that exists between knowledge and skill, in Aviation.

To support the above, we are assisting the education system by developing an aviation curriculum and delivering a highly valuable fundamental program, free of charge, for the schools.