Admissions Guide

Admissions Guide

Step 1 - Choose your Course

Do you want to study at SriLankan Aviation College? But which programme is best for you? That depends on where you are currently in your academic or professional career.

If you’re starting out and want to enter the aviation industry as a passenger handling agent, cabin crew member or if you are looking for knowledge on aviation management or even self enhancement, you may want to consider Aviation Professional training programmes.

If you’re looking for a career in Aircraft Engineering, our Engineering/Technical training programs will provide you with a globally recognised certification with on the job training.

Our specialised Flight Training programmes offer for those who are currently working in aviation industry and need to enhance their knowledge or undertake further/advance training with internationally recognised certification.

The Simulator centre training is for all you aviation fans who love the challenge, the thrill and the adventure of flying an aircraft.

Step 2 - Check the Entry Requirements

Specific entry requirements vary on a programme-by-programme basis. Each individual programme page include the specific entry requirements for that course.

In general, you require a minimum level of proficiency in English (the exact criteria differs depending on the course) and provide proof of your past academic achievements. Some advanced technical and flight training programmes may also require additional qualifications or licenses.

Step 3 - Gather Essential documents

If you meet the entry requirements for your chosen programme, you will need to gather the required documentation to support your application.

Step 4 - Apply

Once you have chosen a programme, make sure that you meet the entry requirements and prepare your supporting documentation and apply online.

After you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email.